Community Development Department is to be responsible for 7 roles according to the rule of Ministry of Interior on 24th March 2009, as follow:

-Set up strategic policy, measurement, and guideline at national level so that the government and private sectors as well as related parties on community development can use it as a framework to implement and promote community capacity and strength

-Develop the community development standard to serve as a tool for evaluating the progress and performance of community development

– Develop systems and mechanisms to enhance the learning process, knowledge management, career management, savings, and financial management as well as to strengthen the capacity of individuals, communities, community leaders, community organizations, and network analysis communities

– Support and develop community information technology system, promote its usage, and provide community information technology in order to allow the community to effectively manage the development plan

– Analyze, research, and develop the knowledge pool for community development and community strategy

-Train and develop public servants, related officers, community leaders, community organizations, and community networking organizations to be fully equipped with the knowledge, skills, and capacity in the workplace as well as collaborate academically with both domestic and abroad community development agencies

-Carry out other duties as required by law or assigned by the ministry or the cabinet

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