Community Development Department, Ministry of Interior

The Government Complex Commemorating His Majesty the King’s 80th Birthday Anniversary, Ratthaprasasanabhakti Building (Building B), 5th Fl, Chaeng Watthana Road, Laksi, Bangkok,


The concept of community development was originated in 1940 and has made a huge change in the previous commonwealth countries. The development shifted to focus people as the core of social development engine. When this concept developed and became the working together philosophy between the people and the government to improve living conditions, it thus called community development movement and such movement also greatly affects the development in Thailand.

In 1940, the Ministry of Interior has announced plans to renovate rural development which consisted of two objectives. One is to cultivate life of the rural citizen to be ready for good citizenship. The other aim is to encourage people to have a better living. Therefore, the local development office was established in 1956 to promote the participation of citizens in local development. A year later, the local development project was initiated which ran by Deputy Developer and was commonly known as the Developer later on.

In 1962, the government issued the 10th Act on Reorganization of Ministries, Ministerial Bureaus, and Department. Thereafter, the Community Development Department was established under the Ministry of Interior on 1st October 1962. The initial mission of the department was to improve rural people’s quality of lives by promoting more participation and self-improvement. We can say that the Developer must work together with the public and not simply serve them.

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